Alan Gee; Life Coach and Motivational Speaker based in Bristol
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Alan Gee Life Coach and Motiational Speaker

“Alan is an inspiration and can enliven and motivate a group in few words”

- William Buist


"Thank you for your visit and presentation on life coaching, which as a company we found very useful and enlightening. We feel that other companies and individials could benefit from your service."

Eddie Lucas - Avalon Financial Services


"Alan has helped me focus on what I'm doing and why and how I'm doing things and identify what, if, how and when that needs to change.
My recommendation would be that if you feel you're not getting 100% out of life and feel you're missing out then take Alan up on his offer.

Sharon Stiles (Hypnosis, NLP and Meridian Energy)


"Alan spent some time with me. We sat and talked about what it was I wanted and why in the past I had never reached my goal (passing an exam) and it became fairly obvious it was down to not revising thoroughly enough and not believing that I actually deserved to pass. I didn't believe in myself.
The other problem we had to tackle was my confidence. Alan gave me some exercises to do every morning to change the beliefs I had about myself.
To be honest in the beginning I felt a bit silly talking to myself and making lists but I persisted and really became more positive.

Thank you Alan, you helped me finally pass the exam that has been the bane of my life for a long time and keep a job that I am enjoying so much!

Kirsty Madan - Account Executive, HBOS


"Alan is an inspiration and can enliven and motivate a group in few words - an amazing skill! It's been a pleasure to know him and I'd recommend him unreservedly.

William Buist (Managing Director)
Abelard Management Services Limited


The following comments were from an ‘teambuilding away day’ that I was invited to do for Lloyds TSB

  • External presenter took a little time to find the right level with us collectively - but once there was very good.
  • The trainer was a great personality and good value
  • Excellent session in the morning
  • The coach was very good once he had gauged the level of the audience, and warmed to the task.
  • The activities gave me a greater insight into some of the skills and personalities in the team. As I have moved into a new role, it helped me understand what motivates my fellow team colleagues. I can put that to good use
  • He was a very confident and clear communicator and knew his subject

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