Alan Gee; Life Coach and Motivational Speaker based in Bristol
Alan Gee
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Life Coach and Motiational Speaker


Nigel Risner
Quite simply one of the best speakers in the UK. Nigel has been motivating and challenging audiences of all sizes for the last 8 years. Nigel nurtured my ambition and taught me a lot when I started out.


Sharon Stiles
One of the very best Hypnotherapists and networkers I know. Sharon is an expert in helping people to rid themselves of specific blockages in their lives and is also one of the hardest working, genuinely supportive people I know.


Wellbeing Network
This is actually a dream being born into reality – the dream being more clients for wellbeing professionals across the UK and more wellbeing solutions for all the people of the UK when they need it – in the meantime, you can save money on stuff you buy.


Utilities Warehouse
In addition to my coaching and speaking I also assist people with my work as a distributor for the Utilities Warehouse Discount Club – see what you could save?" \t "__blank


Steven Blakeborough
Steven designed this site and is a really talented designer who takes the time and trouble to really understand what you need. It’s not about him – it’s about you. Like the logo? That’s his too.


Its rare to find people who share my passion “help people have a better life” and even rarer to find a recruiter who truly cares – OPeople is a fantastic example of putting people first and a real advertisement for the benefits of Organic living.


The Coaching Academy
One of the places I formally learned my trade. The Coaching Academy is the largest coach training organization in Europe and their trainers are some of the best in the world. If you want to learn how to coach I can think of no better place to start your learning.


Referral Institute
This is one of Dr Ivan Misner’s group of companies and as he’s one of the best networkers in the world (he’s the guy behind BNI) it’s no surprise that these guys also know what they’re are doing. Their goal? to teach business professionals throughout the world how to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to drive sales for fast, sustainable business growth.


Come across Blogging yet? Well here’s mine. Here you’ll see more than anywhere else in the public domain what I’m really thinking about and it’ll link you to some other great stuff as well


One of the best Business/Social networks on the internet. Ecademy has helped me more than any other thing to promote my business, to challenge my learning and to grow with the support and development of countless fantastic business people across the world


Another way of linking yourself to the world around you. LinkedIn works on that old “we are only separated from the person we seek by seven steps” idea, here you can build the links you need via positive referral from others you know or have done business with.

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