Alan Gee; Life Coach and Motivational Speaker based in Bristol
Alan Gee
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Life Coach and Motiational Speaker

About Alan Gee

Coming from a background in Financial Services and with a life long interest in computing, Alan brings to both his Coaching and Motivational Speaking engagements a keen appreciation of business practice and what it takes to succeed. It is in the application of this, and of his considerable coaching and mentoring skills that Alan shines. His ability to empathise and identify with both clients and audience, working as a supporter, instructor, and as a ‘critical friend’ makes him an invaluable ally, an indispensable sounding board and mentor.

Alan Gee coaches clients by means of either weekly or fortnightly ‘meetings’, using telephone, skype or face to face as appropriate, with a liberal numbers of emails in between to clarify points or to seek clarity. Having trained at the renowned Coaching Academy he used a variety of coaching and NLP methodologies, as well as his own tried and tested PHOCUS model.

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“Alan has made all the difference to my career. It used to be a lonely and unsure journey, now I have a goal and a pathway…”


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