Alan Gee; Life Coach and Motivational Speaker based in Bristol
Alan Gee
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Life Coach and Motiational Speaker

Alan Gee - an overview

Alan Gee has had a varied career to date which has included nearly 14 years in the Financial Services sector (front line, back office and all stops in between); he’s a fully qualified adviser, attaining his full FPC in 1996.

Alan’s work, between 1998 and 2005 saw him all over the country and in various different roles including stints in catering, data analysis and recruitment and most recently he’s been biding his time with the UK’s number 1 pensions provider in a sales role.

Alan’s training outside of financial services has included 4 years of Open University study (whilst in full time work), many computing related courses and of course his training with the UK’s leading trainer of Life Coaches the Coaching Academy.

Alan’s clients so far have included a hypnotist, an administrator, a linguist and a management consultant and he generally works towards clients goals in a directionally supportive manner, embracing the ‘critical friend’ perspective that he feels is often of most direct assistance to a client in a coaching environment.

Alan uses many coaching and NLP methodologies in his coaching (including the GROW and his own PHOCUS model), considering what might be the most effective tool before employing it and using empathy and support to great effect whilst doing so.

Alan’s basic course of coaching will include either weekly or fortnightly ‘meetings’ (using telephone, skype or face 2 face as appropriate) with liberal doses of email in between to clarify points, add further questions to the mix or seek clarity for the next session.

Alan is keen on 2-way communication and likes his clients to give feedback regularly so that he’s constantly in touch with how they feel about things – emotional intelligence is often used in conjunction with other coaching methodologies

History of Life Coaching

The concepts of personal development and self-improvement have their roots in psychotherapy and first came to public notice in the 1930’s with the initial momentum in the USA.

From then until the mid 1980’s there were few break-through developments. Most procedures retained a degree of ‘therapist and patient’ relationship where the source of a trauma or issue was sought to provide an indication of the ‘cure’.

This left many individuals with a general feeling that ‘there must be something more to life’. Life coaching evolved to accommodate this need, once more, the momentum started in the USA. The new relationship became a partnership between coach and client with each equally and totally committed to the client’s desired and stated outcomes.

Alan Gee's Corporate Coaching is applied at all levels in your organisation, from the top executive post to the person who sorts and delivers the executive post. True productivity is achieved when individuals are working for the good of the organisation and when they understand and truly share the aims and objectives of the company or enterprise.

Interpersonal disputes can be resolved, square pegs can accept round holes, levels of personal responsibility can be enhanced and, recruitment and retention costs can be slashed with positive cash savings.
‘It was clearly demonstrated that training alone could increase productivity by 20 percent - but, when training was combined with coaching, the productivity increase was a massive 80 per cent.

Why Coaching

‘Of all the personal development and performance improving techniques developed in the last century, coaching is one of the newest, the fastest growing and the most effective.
‘Its popularity stems from its pure simplicity’

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